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Bucket Heads Additional Services

Using a proprietary collection of tools and resources, J. will work with you and your organization to quickly develop and implement meaningful business strategies based on what’s happening right now inside and outside your company, and he’ll show you how to capitalize on these strategies.

Bucket-Head Assessment
  • Evaluate your organization’s openness to new thinking, new opportunities.

  • Identify obstacles to looking at markets, customers and competition differently.

  • Understand your organization’s opinion of the future and the ability to be successful in that future.

  • Determine if your organization appreciates the excitement of achievement.


Bucket-Head Consulting
  • Help your organization step out of its comfort zone, both strategically and operationally.

  • Energize your organization and embolden teams to champion new thinking and innovative approaches – creating surprising opportunities.

  • To be Bucket-Head free – paths to Bucket-Head removal

  • Connecting to customers, markets and suppliers in new exciting ways


Bucket-Head Workshop
  • Interactive discussions for assessing individual and organization bucket headedness and specific actions that counter the condition.

  • How to open eyes and minds – engaging in the excitement of being “Bucket-Free”, and helping others be “Bucket Free.”

    • The Bucket-Head syndrome

    • Becoming a reformed Bucket-Head

    • Freedom from a Bucket-Head

    • To life without a Bucket


Bucket-Head Speaking
  • Hear about the highest leverage opportunities to benefit from “Bucket Removals.”

  • How “Bucket Removal” makes a difference in our personal lives, our customers’ lives our suppliers’ lives – and yes in our organization’s success.

  • Understand how today may already be obsolete, and tomorrow is easy to miss.

  • Be challenged to take action, get in the game.

  • Hear about steps you can take immediately to remove the bucket from your head and become a “Chief Bucket Remover.”

Make A Difference !

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